CTO- Chief Technical Officer

  • Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Permanent
  • Software Engineering

A technical expert having 12+ years of experience who can stand shoulder to shoulder with top local and foreign architects and can be Confiz’s ambassador for technical excellence. Such an individual:

  1. Will form part of the senior management team and help devise Confiz’s future strategy.
  2. Will be confronted with solving the toughest of technical challenges.
  3. Will drive the company’s future technical direction.
  4. Will guide the team into proposing solutions that can withstand customer’s scrutiny.
  5. Will be a champion of engineering excellence and will architect strategies and processes that ensure our technical competitiveness.
  6. Will help build a team of senior technical leads and architects through whom Confiz can continue to delivery high quality solutions in challenging technical domains.
  7. Will act as a mentor and inspirational figure for engineers.
  8. Will ensure that no project  (in Confiz’s area of expertise or domain) is turned down because of technology reasons i.e. Confiz’s technical skills were found to be lacking by the customer/prospect.
  9. Loves technology and will not be afraid to jump in and dirty his hands if situation demands.
  10. Will travel to our key customers and meet with their technical architects and establish our technical credibility.

To achieve the above, we anticipate that there will be some ground work that will have to be laid. Once that ground work is completed we shall have a launching pad for undertaking the above tasks.  Therefore our expectations of you and tasks that you must perform will vary over time. The initial few weeks/months will be spent on setting up the launching pad and subsequent to that the above tasks will be undertaken.

In the first few weeks/months we anticipate & expect you to do the following:

  1. Analyze Confiz’s existing technology portfolio.
  2. Analyze Confiz’s existing engineering processes.
  3. Observe the execution of the engineering processes.
  4. Attend Engineering Community meetings.
  5. Sit through PMO audits and help conduct the “technical quality” part of the PMO audit.
  6. Sit through technical sessions that engineers conduct.
  7. Evaluate company’s service offerings.
  8. Evaluate the effectiveness of the items 1-7 above.
  9. Suggest improvements in processes & practices that were observed in Step 1 – 7.
  10. Attend daily SCRUMS of key strategic accounts to gain insight into these projects/engagements.
  11. Review Technology Strategy Architecture (TSA) Group’s structure and performance and suggest improvements in TSA.
  12. Establish courteous relationship with engineering and testing communities.
  13. Analyze existing recruitment process for engineers and suggest improvements.
  14. Analyze existing onboarding and training plan for engineers and suggest improvements.
  15. Lead the improvement effort for areas (given above) that you find lacking.
  16. Work with Audit & Compliance personnel to setup an effective monitoring mechanism to ensure your improvement recommendations are properly carried out.
  17. Act as the reviewer, the gatekeeper and the final approving authority for any solution design that is to be proposed to the customer by the respective teams.
  18. If need be, you may have to write small pieces of code to showcase the correct way of implementing a specific functionality in a specific technology. This will allow the team to have a frame of reference that they can follow.

Once the above activities have been performed, you should start addressing the higher level duties that were highlighted in the beginning of this write-up.

What you can expect from Confiz is:

  • A highly motivated and dedicated engineering workforce. Who will be welcoming to your suggestion and mentoring.
  • A great customer base – who is always receptive and appreciative of the high quality of work that we do for them and are always blunt about any lase of quality on our part.
  • A progressive, committed, honest and sincere senior management team.
  • A friendly politics-free culture where the only currency is one’s individual performance and commitment to one’s work and customers.
  • A complete lack of tolerance of: slackness, laid back attitude, poor quality of work and incompetence.
  • An intellectually & monetarily rewarding career.
  • A culture of raising the bar constantly, which forces the workforce to keep growing. Because of this culture of always raising the bar, low performers are usually filtered out and what’s left are the ones who are capable, dedicated and thrive in such a culture of engineering excellence.

Confiz Limited is a leading software services & products company specializing in building enterprise, mobile & web solutions. Our services portfolio includes many fortune clients like Walmart, PnG, NCR, Macy's and Microsoft. Our products include PakWheels.com, Pakistan's #1 Automotive Internet Portal and Simplicant.com to name a couple.
Confiz Limited believes that our growth is tied with the growth of people who work for Confiz. In particular, we provide a culture where individuals can grow professionally without any constraints. People who work with us work with the cutting-edge technologies while contributing success to the company as well as to themselves. This is obviously above and beyond the usual stuff (excellent pay, medical benefits, frequent appraisals and bonuses). 

To know more about Confiz Limited, visit: https://www.facebook.com/ConfizCareers/

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