Digital Product Manager

  • New York, New York, United States
  • Fully Remote
  • Full-time
  • Software Engineering

We are seeking a Digital Product Manager to help us spearhead our digital product team as we develop, identify opportunities, build digital solutions, and grow our digital product.

The Role:
1. Managing and prioritizing the product backlog

Product owner will spend much of their time and focus reviewing the backlog of development tasks and prioritizing what the developers should take on next. This helps make sure that the team executes according to the product management team’s strategic goals and priorities.

2. Translating product managers’ strategies to tasks for development
Drafting (or at least refining) user stories into tasks that the development team can execute on. Break initiatives down into stories or actionable chunks of value, and work with the engineering team to implement them.

3. Learning the market and customers’ needs
To be useful in translating their company’s strategic plan into the right execution steps, product owners must understand their market and customer needs. Learning about what problems they are aiming to solve with the product, what customer needs or desires have informed their product strategy, and what the team will view as product success. Gaining this high-level knowledge of the market, customer persona, and product strategy help product owners more effectively perform several of their day-to-day tactical functions, including:

  • Breaking product management’s epics into user stories
  • Arranging and prioritizing sprints
  • Evaluating progress at each stage of development
  • Answering dev questions about the reasoning for user stories or tasks

4. Serving as a liaison between product and development
Set the big-picture goals and strategy for their product’s success. 
Act as a bridge to connect the product and development teams. 

5. Staying accessible to development to answer questions
When they’re working on stories and other tasks during a sprint, the development team might be unclear about a particular job assigned to them. The product owner should be accessible to the development team and prepare to respond to their questions immediately.


  • Demonstrable Product Management or Product Owner experience in a pure Agile team
  • Startup experience in a medium size team will be relevant 
  • Alternative, agile experience in Enterprise level teams is relevant
  • Only traditional software development lifecyle experience will NOT qualify as relevant
  • Experience of managing UX and design sprints is critical for the role. Pure backend development knowledge is not enough
  • A Product Management Bootcamp training is a big plus 
  • Scrum certification is a big plus 
  • SAFe agile training is nice to have
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