Director of Professional Services

  • Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Permanent
  • Software Engineering


Director of Professional Services at Confiz is a partner level positions. Individuals who take this role are seen and perform as mini CEOs and are expected to perform their job with minimal supervision. They receive full leadership support to lead and manage their portfolio operations ranging from hiring and retaining talent, winning customer sentiment through highest quality of Software delivery, and ensuring desired financial results at the end.


  • BS or higher degree in Computer Sciences or related fields.
  • 10+ years of professional experience.
  • 4+ years of hands-on coding experience is a must.
  • Experience of full circle project management: Customer management, people management, process management.
  • Experience of managing Project Managers/Leads.
  • Experience of leading delivery of multiple projects and 50+ engineer.
  • Must understand Cloud technologies, CI/CD tools, Automation 
  • Overseas work experience will be a big plus.
  • Overseas degree from a top rank university will be a big plus.
  • Excellent English communication.

Job Description:

  • Effectively communicate with customer teams of all ranks and departments. Understand business needs and co-define technology solutions with the customer.
  • Clearly communicate business and milestone expectations to engineering teams via JIRA Epics, Spreadsheets, Project Plans.
  • Hands-on experience of of Sprint execution. Ability to run a Sprint team him/herself and implement processes across a program.
  • Understand and manage project financials like Gross Margin and Net Margin.
  • Understand Confiz's processes based on CMMi and ensure implementation across multiple projects.
  • Manage Project Managers. Set clear expectations across management and technology talent. Ensure lines are defined and culture is strong.
  • Take initiatives to improve processes continously. Must groom engineers and Test engineers as well.
  • Understand relationships across leadership teams, effectively work his way out to achieve project and company objectives.
  • Continuously learn new engineering tools and practices.

We have an amazing team of 500+ individuals working on highly innovative enterprise projects & products. Our customer base includes fortune 5 retail and CPG companies, leading store chains, fast growth fintech and multiple Silicon Valley startups. 

What makes Confiz stand out is our focus on processes and culture. Confiz is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We have a vibrant culture of learning via collaboration and making workplace fun. 

People who work with us work with cutting-edge technologies while contributing success to the company as well as to themselves. This is obviously above and beyond the usual stuff (excellent pay, medical benefits, provident fund, stock options, frequent appraisals and bonuses). 

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